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Coming in October 2023

The little book of Short Stories.
12 short stories to entertain.
A Five Star Experience of a Lifetime
The Trinket That Couldn't Be Explained
Bill and Ben
Valentine's Surprise
No Loose Ends
Splat (With special guest)
The Green Goddess
The End of the Line
An Unexpected Opportunity
A Blast from the Past
The Claim
The Briefcase

Coming in November 2023
Marcus and Emma's Adventures in The Big C

Wow... where do I start?
What a title?
'Marcus and Emma's adventures in the Big C'
Now that's a mouthful. 
8 words, 33 letters without spaces or 41 with spaces.
It's long.
Okay, so it's a novel about a guy called Marcus and a girl called... Emma. (Yeah, you got that all on your own, didn't ya?)
...and, it's about cancer. (Big C gave it away, didn't it?)
...and it's a comedy.
What?      A comedy about cancer?      Are you nuts?

Here's the thing.
I started writing Bald Guy, Big Ears (working title) way back in 2002 in hospital with my first cancer.
50,000ish words later, and ITV decided to show a program that was so similar, I could have... well, you know.
Fast forward to 2022, and after I published Cancerology, I found some of the old files during a clear-out.
I started reading.
I started laughing.
I thought, 'hell yeah.'
I started punching the air and declaring myself a god. (it's a writer thing, we all do it but usually don't admit to it)
So... I pulled out all the pages and got stuck in, and....
Honestly, you're gonna love it.
Let's face it, it's not for those who like crime novels, or thrillers, or horror, but... if you're one of the millions who read the wonderful 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green, or 'Me Before You', by Jojo Moyes, then you're gonna like this.
Sorry, did I forget to mention it might just make you shed a tear? My bad.

Available now

Putting it bluntly, if you have cancer, or know someone who has, this book will help.

I've been told on 17 different occasions that I had cancer and been given a  limited time to live,

Non-Hodgkin disease. Stage 4. 4 times.
Bladder cancer. Stage 2 & 3. 12 times.
Kidney cancer. Stage 3. 1 time only and kidney removed.

I've had cancer in my spleen, liver, heart, colon, lymphatic system, kidney, and bladder.

There is no doubt about it. Anyone starting treatment will make mistakes. 

Learn from the mistakes I made and make your journey easier.

Click on the picture to visit Amazon.
Available in ebook, paperback, and large print paperback.

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