When I started writing, I read Stephen King's book 'On Writing' twice, and considered myself an expert.

How wrong was I?

Can writing be taught? Now there's a question.

What made a huge difference was joining a writing group and meeting like minded people who looked at my writing and gave me their opinions on what worked and what didn't.

The first writing group I joined were a great bunch of people. They met once a month and we had tea/coffee and biscuits and we talked. But . . . It wasn't what I expected. Every subject was discussed - except writing. No writing was done, no critiques were made, no homework was required, no lessons, no help. But they were nice people.

The second writing group met every Wednesday morning and required two members to submit a sample of their writing every week by email. The submissions were sent out for review on a Sunday evening and we critiqued them and each member discussed their likes and dislikes at the meetings.